welcome to the innocent foundation

We give grants to charities working all over the world so that they can help the world's hungry.

One in nine people in the world are hungry today, but it doesn't have to be this way. Hunger is the world's greatest solvable problem because there is enough food in the world for everybody to have the nourishment necessary for a healthy and productive life, but not everyone has access to it.

Not having enough food means that other development goals can't be achieved because having nutritious food is the ultimate basis for health, education and economic development. If you are not hungry - you are healthier, you learn faster and you are more productive.

Eliminating global hunger does not require a miraculous scientific breakthrough - today's knowledge and practices are sufficient if there is the will.

Since 2004, we've worked with many incredible charities to do our bit to help. We've given over £4.8m to 71 projects helping communities on a sustainable path to a better life where they can escape poverty and hunger.

Together, they have reached over 750,000 people.