What’s the mission of the innocent foundation?

Since 2004 the innocent foundation has been helping the world’s hungry, and is working towards a world with zero hunger by 2030. It does this by finding and funding visionary people and organisations which are tackling hunger in simple, smart and sometimes breakthrough ways.

It’s focused on two ambitious goals:

  1. Stop children dying of hunger: investing in cutting edge research to find and treat children whose lives are in immediate danger because of severe acute malnutrition, the most serious form of hunger. An example of a goal 1 project is the Action Against Hunger Mali project.
  2. Help the poorest families feed themselves: funding innovation with the potential to help the world’s poorest families feed themselves and adapt to climate change.  An example of a goal 1 project is this Send a Cow project.

You can read more about the foundation, and the project it supports here: www.innocentfoundation.org/who-we-work-with/current-projects/

Is it entirely funded by innocent?

The innocent foundation is a registered charity which receives the majority of its funding from innocent drinks. In 2018-19 financial year, it received £950,000 from innocent drinks and £1,000 from other donations.

How is the 10% of profits calculated?

It’s 10% of the profits, after tax, for the whole innocent drinks business/group. We agree the level in advance so we can set our strategy.

Who is on the board of trustees?

The Foundation’s Board is made up of seven Trustees who are responsible for making sure the foundation is well run and doing what it was set up to do.

They are Nick (innocent CEO), Rich, Adam and Jon (innocent’s original founders), SJ (innocent’s people director), Christina (a socio-economist with over 20 years’ experience working with charities, businesses and community groups in Latin America, Asia and Europe) and Camilla, who has experience with humanitarian disasters from her time at Oxfam, and with health, as she heads up Amref UK.

The Trustees delegate day-to-day management to the Foundation Director, and Senior Grants and Operations Manager, who are assisted by a team of guardians. The guardians are innocent employees who volunteer their time to work with the foundation’s charity partners and keep other innocent employees updated about the foundation’s work. Since 2004, 160 innocent employees have volunteered as foundation guardians.


You can read about the trustees here.

How many people has the innocent foundation helped since it launched?

Since 2004, the foundation has helped 1,894,526 hungry people (and counting) through 95 projects in 43 countries around the world.

How much does the foundation spend on admin?

For example, between July 2018 – June 2019, the foundation spent 7% of its total expenditure on admin/governance costs.

How does the foundation decide where the money is spent?

The innocent foundation is an independent registered charity governed by our own board of trustees. For  any questions about how it works, send as a message at hello@innocentfoundation.org

Why does the innocent foundation work in countries with a poor human rights record?

The foundation gives grants to charities working all over the world so that they can help the world’s hungry. We have funded 95 projects across five continents since 2004. To do this in the most effective way, we have detailed funding criteria to help us choose which projects to support. We use measures like the Global Hunger Index, which combines indicators of undernutrition, childhood stunting and child mortality, to help us see where the need is greatest and where we can have the most impact on hungry people. Our projects don’t support governments but they do help hungry people.

Why do you support charities which spend lots of money on admin / overheads?

The foundation gives grants to charities working all over the world so that we can help the world’s hungry. We have funded 95 projects in five continents over the years. When we consider funding a new project, we spend a lot of time finding out as much as we can about it to make totally sure that the funds are going to help the most vulnerable people who don’t have enough to eat. Grants are always allocated according to a detailed budget which spells out exactly what the charity we are working with can spend the money on. We are happy to include a portion of administration costs because we believe good charities need to spend money on things like measuring the effectiveness of their work, investing in staff training or in new IT systems to improve efficiency.

How do you ensure the projects you support are responsibly run?

Our staff and board of trustees have lots of experience of finding great charity partners who will run their projects well. Before we agree to fund a new project, we spend a lot of time finding out as much as we can about it and getting to know the organisation behind it, including looking into their financial, governance and safeguarding standards. We get regular reports from all our projects, talk to the people running them often and we try to visit as many of them as we can in person to check things are going well.