The innocent foundation is a registered charity funded by the employees, shareholders and company of innocent drinks.

The company donates 10% of innocent’s profits to charity each year, the majority of which comes to us at the innocent foundation. The table below shows the amount of profit (or loss) innocent drinks has made each year since 2004 when the foundation was founded, the total amount of money committed to charity and the amount received by the foundation. You can find out more about innocent’s charitable donations here.

In 2013, the company committed to give a minimum of £950,000 to the foundation for the next five years, even in years when no profit is made, to allow our work to continue. All donations are paid by innocent drinks to the innocent foundation within 12 months of calendar year end.

Please note in 2013 innocent changed its process to account for payment of annual donations to the foundation in spring of the following year, so the 2013 obligation appeared in innocent’s 2014 accounts. 

You can view our latest annual accounts here or find out more at the Charity Commission.