the idea

The idea for our scholarship programme began in 2007 when Helen from innocent’s UK team went to Tamil Nadu in India for two weeks. While she was there, she supported the Irula Tribal Women’s Welfare Society which was funded by the innocent foundation. It was such a success that we made it into an annual programme. Each year, we invite partners to borrow innocent’s employees for two weeks. We pick three people with the right skills and prepare them to do development work with our partners.


it’s a great way for our project partners to the right skills to get stuff done

Plus, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime for the scholar, and helps innocent staff feel part of the foundation work. Win-win.

In 2019, we sent four heroes around the world:

  • James Gallias (innocent’s senior finance manager) worked with Feedback Madagascar to develop the value chain of silk in Madagascar.
  • Jimmy Long (innocent’s finance team leader) also worked with Feedback Madagascar, where he built on James’s good work and helped create a commercial sales strategy.
  • James Imi (innocent’s digital content producer) helped Washington University’s Project Peanut Butter by creating digital assets like photos, videos and adverts for the team in Sierra Leone.
  • Louisa Handley (innocent’s nutritionist) worked with Send A Cow’s Kenyan team on a nutritional meal planning tool.

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