empowering women in Madagascar

empowering women in Madagascar

we support our partners to help hungry people to produce more food, to feed themselves and their families, and towards creating a stable income

We use the Global Hunger Index to help us decide where to aim our funding, choosing only to work with partners in countries described as having an alarming or serious hunger situation.

One of the projects we proudly support is with the charity Feedback Madagascar. They work alongside communities to improve agricultural techniques and reduce poverty. The project we’re helping to fund is supporting 800 of the most vulnerable households to reduce the risk of crops failing and families going hungry. Women are especially vulnerable in Madagascar because of the difficulties they face with owning their own patch of land. The project is empowering women, helping them to own land, teaching them how to grow vegetables, and training them in leadership so they can share their new skills with their community.

One of the women who has benefited from the project is Christine. Working with Feedback Madagascar, she has learned to compost and improve the yield of her crops, which has led to an excellent season producing peanuts and corn.  Not only has she grown enough to feed her family, Christine also has some extra corn to sell to her neighbours. She has become a ‘woman leader’ in her community and is now teaching other people to grow their own food.

Over three years, the project has had 22 ‘women leaders’ active in their respective communities. Each passing on the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired and empowering more women to take on the challenge of learning new farming techniques and growing more food for their tables.

Posted on January 3, 2017