it’s volunteers week

it’s volunteers week

a shout out to our guardians

As it is #VolunteersWeek here in the UK, we wanted to give a shout out to our brilliant volunteers – the guardians.

Guardians are staff members at innocent drinks, who volunteer around 1-2 hours a month to volunteer for the innocent foundation, by supporting one of project partners.

The guardians (two per project) get close to the projects by meeting the staff, reading the project reports and taking on the responsibility of communicating project updates out to the business. Guardians can support the project in a number of ways; from directly volunteering extra time to work with them,  putting them in touch with those who can, attending their events, or even having them visit the innocent office. Being ambassadors for the project both internally and externally helps ensure that the projects are as supported as possible, and more people can feel proud of the great work done by the partners, in our global mission to reduce world hunger.

Read more about the guardian programme here.

Volunteers’ Week 2020 runs in the UK from June 1st-8th.

Posted on June 3, 2020