linda's hats of the world: part 2

Last year, Linda (who looks after the innocent foundation) knitted a myriad of hats for the Big Knit to represent all the countries in the world where the foundation supports projects.


For this years A/W 09 collection however, Linda has outknitted herself by whipping up hats to represent the type of projects the foundation supports.


From watering cans and garden tools (to represent projects like rainwater harvesting and sustainable agriculture training)


Through to fruit, veg and bees to represent crop production, income generation and setting up honey farms in Africa.


Hats off to Linda again for another stunning collection.

The deadline for all hats for this year's Big Knit is this Friday 30th October. So if you're sitting on a hoarde of hats or are just adding the finishing touches to your bebobbled creations, make sure to get them in the post quick sharp to hit this year's target.