foundation day

Since being set up in 2004, the innocent foundation has donated £1.3m and helped improve the lives of over 500,000 people across the world through the various projects it supports.


As it's such a brilliant thing, Linda and the foundation guardians thought it was high time there was an dedicared day in the Fruit Towers calendar dedicated to the foundation to remind everyone here of all the good stuff the innocent foundation does.


So the 21st July is officially the first ever innocent foundation day.

10 07 26 FoundationOS

To mark the occasion, we had special smoothies in the big fridge.

10 07 26 PAss the potato 2

Everyone came to work dressed in green and at lunchtime, Helen from Practical Action came in to talk about the eco loo project that the foundation has helped support in Peru.

As well as improving sanitation and not polluting drinking water, eco loos mean that waste produced can be used to fertilise crops.

Eco loo

So the loo in reception was turned into 'Pootato Loo' for the day (complete with more Peruvian tunes, hessian sacking and a grow bag full of spuds as these are the main crops being grown from the eco loo waste).

10 07 26 potato loo

After the talk, there was a quick game of Pass the Potato with woolly llama finger puppet prizes

10 07 26 pass the potato

And throughout the day, there's been a whole lot of interesting exercises which we'll tell you a bit more about tomorrow once we've finished editing the videos.


So, as they say on the moon, watch this space...