emilie in Ethiopia

emilie in ethiopia

After Helen's trip to India, Andrew's in Malawi and JT's in Kenya, on Friday, I'm off to Ethiopia for 2 weeks to work on a honey project with IDE one of the innocent foundation's partners. I am in the marketing team and am going out to help beekeepers in the North of the country with branding and marketing plans for their honey. A nice change from smoothies after nearly 5 years at innocent.


At the moment, the honey looks like this:
Amar honey

Is it that important to have the moisture content on the front of the label? This, along with other branding aspects, is one of the areas I'm going to look at. The beekeepers want to start selling their honey in supermarkets in Addis Abeba (and not just local markets in the North) so it's all about making sure the honey pots look as great as possible.