first day at work in Ethiopia

emilie in ethiopia

I spent this morning meeting the 13 members of the SOS-Sahel team in Addis (one of IDE's partners, it's all a bit incestuous in the charity world) finding out more about the history of my honey project. I couldn't resist sharing the mangoes & passion fruits smoothie I had brought along. They now want us to launch innocent in Ethiopia but that's another story.


SOS Sahel have 10 projects around the country, which help smallholder farmers bring all kinds products to market. Here they are proudly showing off incense and aloe vera soap. Not sure why Tabede looks pregnant when he is of a rare fine build - must be the sun reverberating. It's pretty bright here.


Tabede and I then flew up north to Bahir Dar where I will be spending the next week or so visiting the bee cooperatives. It's a shame blogs can't (yet) communicate sounds and smells because this place is completely magical and exactly what I remembered of my time in Cameroon 10 years ago (with more internet cafes and mobile phones but the same fires in courtyards, herds of goats crossing the streets and cheerful children playing everywhere)

To try and give you an idea, here is the view from my hotel room:


And here are all my belongings neatly tucked into my wardrobe: colourful clothes, a collection of honey pots, the book about innocent and Emma H's rucksack. What more does one need?