Say hello to Ms Ngoc

This is Ms Ngoc, a rice farmer who lives in Vietnam with her two young daughters.

Ms ngoc

Rural Vietnamese farmers heavily rely on rice production for their food and income, but producing rice is often costly and difficult work. Ms Ngoc was able to grow just enough rice to feed her family, but not enough to make any money for herself or her children.

The innocent Foundation works with NGOs to deliver our vision of sustainable farming for a secure future. Over the past few years, we have funded a project with IDE UK who work with poor rural households to create income and livelihood opportunities for families like Ms Ngoc’s. It was through this project that Ms Ngoc heard about a new Fertiliser Deep Placement (FDP) technology at her local Women’s Union group.

FDP is a process where fertiliser is compressed into a small pellet full of goodness. This pellet can be put into the ground alongside rice plants to increase crop production. Ms Ngoc applied it to her crop, harvested over 100 kg more rice than before (that’s a lot of rice) and made a nice profit in the process.

More rice, more money and a very happy family indeed.