From London to Peru

Our Craig and Rio are in Peru working with the Crees Foundation and they've managed to send us a little update. Read on to find out more.

london to peru map

So we made it. After 3 days of travelling we arrived in Salvacion, Peru where the foundation is supporting the Crees Foundation with their GROW project.

It's pretty remote here. We had to drive high up into the Andes before descending down into the lush green of the rainforest. We've seen some amazing sights, including monkeys, rare birds and as many species of butterfly you can shake a stick at.

We've spent the last couple of days visiting as many of the beneficiaries of the project as possible, and we've seen the incredible work that the farmers do here to protect the rainforest (putting many of us to shame in our efforts to save the planet). We've also been chatting to women about their biogardens and how having them has substantially improved the amount of fruit and veg their children are getting in their diets. 30-40% of children in Salvacion are malnourished, so the biogardens have really helped tackle this issue.

Right now the diet that these women and their families have, consists mainly of rice, meat and eggs, so we're spending the next couple of days teaching them how easy (not to mention, tasty) cooking with vegetables can be - in the hope that they'll start to include them in their daily diets. We'll be building a biogarden at a school down the road too, to help educate the local kids.

So adios for now. We'll have more of an update soon.

P.S. we're sending this from the middle of the rainforest. Technology these days - incredible.