my new desk

jojo's desk in uganda

This is a photo of my new desk at the national office of Send A Cow in Uganda, where I'm lucky enough to be spending the next couple of weeks. It took five and a half minutes to upload, so I'll be picking my photos more wisely in future. I'm thinking more cows, fewer desks.

 Send A Cow are one of the innocent foundation's partner organisations, and our funding helps them to help people out of poverty and hunger by teaching them a combination of essential life skills and sustainable farming techniques. I'm here on behalf of the innocent foundation to meet some of the families that have been helped by Send A Cow, and to help tell their stories.

It's day one of a two week trip, and as I write this I'm sitting at my new desk, drinking a cup of very milky tea, listening to the rain hammer down and occasional blasts of Wannabe by The Spice Girls through an open window. So far, not so different from home, but I have a feeling tomorrow will be a completely different story.