ge in india: incredible india

My adventure in India is now coming to an end. My mind is filled with colourful souvenirs, from the beautiful smiling women I met in villages, the elegant saris they were wearing, the wonderful sunsets, the rickshaws, the cows crossing the streets, the numerous temples, the wonderful curries… And everything that gives India all its flavours.

ge in india

I was especially happy to visit Berhampur island, where innocent supports a development project through Jeevika Trust. It enabled me to meet some very inspiring women, whose lives have been impacted by the funds donated by the innocent foundation; in other words, whose lives have been impacted by people drinking our smoothies and juices. Quite a thought. You can read more about the women I met here.


It was also fun sharing some HR love with JRP, our local charity partner. As I work in the people team at innocent, they asked me to deliver a training session on Human Resources to evaluate how it could benefit their organisation. It started with a very broad brief, as employees were interested to learn not only about HR, but also about an IT system concerned with financial reporting (not my area of expertise…) We defined what should be covered during the training more specifically and the JRP Country Coordinator then invited participants: JRP employees, other NGO members and even IT consultants JRP had been working with. The more, the merrier… I hope they all benefited from the training which, despite a power cut, went well.


I am grateful to Madhu and Manu, and their son Pratyush for welcoming me so warmly. They founded JRP 21 years ago and do fantastic work in Orissa, working hard to eradicate extreme rural poverty. They contribute to a better society.

I am also thankful to Judith at Jeevika Trust for putting the innocent foundation in touch with JRP and enabling us to support the great work they do.

Finally, my last thoughts go to all the women I have met in the Orissan villages. I will keep their wonderful smiles with me.