Foundation Day: supporting a local food bank

2013 was the start of a new chapter for the innocent foundation, with a new purpose: to help the world’s hungry. The foundation funds projects across the world, including projects here in the UK. That was our starting point for last year’s ‘foundation day’ activity.

Foundation day is a day when everyone in the innocent offices gets excited about the foundation, hears updates on the projects we’re funding, and gets a chance to learn more about the work the foundation’s partners are doing. This year we kept the focus close to home, to reflect the work we are starting to do with UK food poverty charities.

Just a stone’s throw from innocent foundation HQ, Fruit Towers, is the Dalgarno Trust. The Dalgarno Trust is a charity that focuses on working within our local community, providing a crucial range of services to people of all ages and backgrounds. One of their initiatives is a weekly foodbank, through which they distribute food to some of the hungriest people in the local community. 

The Dalgarno Trust team take delivery

Many of us have fond memories of bringing in food packages for school Harvest Festivals when we were younger. We wanted to recreate that excitement to help support the Dalgarno Trust, so we held a “foodbank festival” at Fruit Towers. In just 2 weeks, we collected enough non-perishable goods to fill a whole innocent grassy van, which we delivered to Dalgarno.

Upon receipt of this delivery of much needed food, Vicki Davies, Director of the Dalgarno Trust, said:“Please, please give our heartfelt thanks and best wishes to all the innocent staff who contributed. We are so delighted with the stock of food – it will be a lifesaver for some people this winter.”

Keep an eye on our website and this blog for updates on the projects that the foundation funds, and why not see if there’s a foodbank near you that accepts donations.

Unloading the grassy van