Ge in India: time to be a tourist

Being in India was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Indian culture.  

Madhu and Manu, the founders of our local charity partner JRP, did everything to help me to feel at home here, as did their children Pratyush and Issa. 

I was there at the time of the Hindu festival of Holi. It's a carnival of colour, celebrating the victory of Good over Evil. 

It is a bank holiday in India and there definitely was a festive atmosphere in the streets. People buy colour powders and cover their loved ones with these powders, wishing them a happy Holi. Here I am getting involved.

celebrating Holi

Even dogs took part in Holi.

celebrating Holi celebrating Holi

During my stay in India, I also enjoyed a day off to go and visit the Sun temple in Konark.

Built in the 13th Century to honour the Sun God, Surya, it’s full of erotic sculptures, celebrating the joys of life. It was all a bit of a surprise, to say the least. Apparently, all these sculptures were built to increase birth rates at the time. I wonder if the UK government would ever adopt similar policies now? Konark, with its saucy sculptures, is now a UNESCO Heritage Site. 

Konark Konark

According to my guide, this was meant to represent 24 hours in the life of an Indian. 

I would definitely recommend a visit to Konark if you're in the area. 

I'll write again soon.