changing the way we treat childhood malnutrition in Mali

Child being screened for malnutritionWe searched long and hard to find the right partner for our first ever breakthrough development grant. When we met Action Against Hunger, we quickly realised that they were special. Why? Not just because their experts have been at the forefront of the fight against child hunger since the 1970s, but because they aren’t afraid to try new approaches and then shout about what they’ve discovered.

We're funding a ground-breaking research project which aims to prove that you can reach children with severe acute malnutrition more effectively and at the same or lower cost by working through community health workers rather than expecting parents and children to travel to distant health centres. If it works, then we can change the way Ministries of Health all over the world treat severe acute malnutrition. And that could have a massive impact on 17 million children suffering right now.

The Independent recently sent journalist Lizzie Dearden to visit one of the project research sites in Mali. Watch her video interview with Jean-Michel Grand, Action Against Hunger's CEO, and read about the mothers and children Lizzie met here