Feedback Madagascar

Feedback Madagascar

Ensuring best agriculture and environmental preservation practices are shared within the community.

  • Goal 2

  • Haute Matsiatra, Madagascar

  • 2017 - 2020

  • Feedback Madagascar

creating ‘Breakthrough Communities’ who work together to grow their own food and generate income

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We partner with Feedback Madagascar to create self-sufficient communities. Based on the concept of a model farm, ‘Breakthrough Communities’ work together to grow their own food and generate income . An example we’re really proud of is a couple living in Masaimana village who were trained to make compost and grow vegetables in March 2018. Their new training meant they soon doubled their vegetable harvest. There was plenty to sell, so they bought 1,200 kg of rice seed with the profits and are now entirely self-sufficient. Together we’re working to create more communities like this, harnessing the power of self-help and community solidarity to combat hunger for good.

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The guardians are innocent employees who volunteer their time to work with our charity partners and keep other innocent employees updated about the foundation’s work.

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