Northern Rangelands Trust

Northern Rangelands Trust

What if smallholders set the direction for their own climate change adaptations?

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  • 2022-2024

  • Northern Rangelands Trust

we’re supporting smallholder farmers to meet, plan and choose the climate change adaptations that suit them best.


Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) is a non-profit based in Kenya. Through NRT, we’re partnering with community conservancies of smallholder farmers and pastoralists who are leading the way as they adapt to Kenya’s changing climate.

The problem: the weather is changing, and for communities across Kenya—from the highlands, to the coast, to the arid regions in the north—traditional methods of herding, fishing and farming are no longer working as they should. To survive and thrive, communities are adapting and adopting new ways to feed themselves and their families. International non-profits come with loads of ideas, but nobody knows a community’s needs better than the people themselves.

The Northern Rangelands Trust works to set up nature conservancies alongside the communities who occupy the land they protect. As climate change makes traditional livelihoods less viable, these conservancies share challenges and their plans to address them. NRT supports conservancy groups to access the funds and resources they need to put their plans into action.

The through NRT, innocent foundation is supporting communities in Hanshak, Ndera, Lower Tana, Ngare Ndare and Biliqo-Bulesa, Kenya with a mix of irrigation extension (water pans, pumps), and mango farming.

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