Practical Action

Practical Action

Improving farmers’ selection and saving of seeds.

  • Goal 2

  • Balaka District, Southern Malawi

  • 2020 - 2022

  • Practical Action

we’re funding Practical Action’s plan to save seeds for future generations in Malawi

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In the Balaka District, 70% of farmers save seeds from their harvest to re-plant the next year. But the effects of climate change and tough growing conditions make this difficult. Practical Action is breathing new life into this age-old practice, alongside local partners and scientists. Together they’ll use their research to encourage farmers to use traditional, local and climate-resilient seeds. They’ll also teach them how to choose, store and replant saved seeds. A big part of the project is empowering farmers to share their knowledge and methods with others and within government. Evidence from this project will help Practical Action change policy in Malawi so that saved seeds are recognised as a valuable tool to manage a changing climate and feed Malawi’s people. Together we’re empowering and helping 750 farming families improve their practices, and working with government to change things for others across the country. We’re determined to work with Practical Action to champion this project throughout the rest of southern Africa.

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