Renewable World

Renewable World

Improving yields through promoting community-wide biodigesters for fertiliser and clean energy.

  • Goal 2

  • Surkhet and Banke Districts, Nepal

  • 2020 - 2022

  • Renewable World

we’re helping Renewable World tackle hunger in Nepal using innovative plastic bag biodigesters

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50 million homes around the world use biodigesters but 3 billion people still use coal, wood or dung for cooking.  Renewable World wants to change this, and make sure people are able to grow more food using organic fertiliser which is a by-product of generating biogas. Biogas is created by a biodigester, which is a bit like a mechanical stomach. Organic material goes in and is broken down by bacteria in an oxygen-free environment to create biogas, a cheap source of renewable energy that can be used for cooking, replacing more expensive and harmful fuels.  Anything that’s left over can be turned into highly productive organic fertiliser.  It’s a great way of solving two big problems at once, bringing long term change to Nepal’s hungry by improving farming and strengthening livelihoods. Inspiring stuff.

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The guardians are innocent employees who volunteer their time to work with our charity partners and keep other innocent employees updated about the foundation’s work.

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