Send a Cow

Send a Cow

Training Zambian farmers in organic pest management using “push-pull” technology to improve crop yield.

  • Goal 2

  • Petauke District, Zambia

  • 2019 - 2022

  • Send a Cow

Using push:pull farming techniques to help farmers protect and grow their crops

Pests eating valuable crops prevents hungry people getting the food and nutrition they’ve grown and need for survival. We’re determined to change this, so we’re working with Send a Cow to protect Zambia’s crops and feed its people.

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Growing food is tough in the Petauke District. Pests like Stemborer moths, parasitic Striga weed and Fall Armyworm are a big problem, so Send a Cow wanted to test training farmers in Push:Pull technology.

By intercropping Desmodium and Brachiaria grass, cereal crops are protected. This is because the Desmodium releases a natural chemical that repels pests (push) whilst the Brachiaria grass attracts them (pull). It’s simple but really effective. The goal is to protect growing crops so there will be enough for everyone to eat, with extra to sell for profit. Innovative and easy to adopt, it’s a brilliant way to help beat hunger.

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