Pumping the breaks for traction: Kickstart

Pumping the breaks for traction: Kickstart

When is a speedbump a launchpad?

Kickstart is a non-profit social enterprise headquartered in Nairobi and working across Sub Saharan Africa where most smallholder farmers depend on increasingly unreliable rains to grow food. Hunger is a big risk.

Kickstart wants smallholders to use irrigation pumps to get at the water under their fields. They have big ambitions: after testing their affordable ‘Starter Pump’ with innocent foundation support in Kenya, they’re now distributing in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Nigeria, Zambia, Mozambique, and Malawi.

Truly, it’s a deluge of pumps. But the flow hasn’t always been smooth. Recently, nearly half of a shipment of nearly 1,300 pumps arrived from the manufacturer with defects. Refusing to be knocked sideways, Kickstart salvaged parts and made what we imagine was a polite-but-firm phone call. When the dust settled, and replacements arrived, they had almost 200 more pumps than they started with. Result!

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Posted by Connor Friesen on December 6, 2021