Ready for your close-up? Kickstart on Camera in Kenya

Ready for your close-up? Kickstart on Camera in Kenya

foundation scholars Ellie and Edo filmed the Kickstart pump in action

For smallholder farmers in Kenya, climate change means less predictable rains, which makes it harder to plan when to plant and when to harvest. It often means lower yields and less to eat. Our partners at Kickstart design affordable manual irrigation pumps that take the guesswork out of getting your crops properly drenched. Farmers who use Kickstart pumps can grow more–more types of crops, and more of them–for a longer season than farmers who don’t. They end up with more to eat at home, and more to sell at market.

But when money is already tight, splashing out on an irrigation pump can be a big ask. Farmers need convincing. In October 2022 two marvellous humans, Ellie and Edo, took up the challenge through an innocent foundation scholarship. They worked with the Kickstart team in Kenya to show off the MoneyMaker Pump and what it can do.

We’re sold. Have a look:

Posted on March 31, 2023