spotlight: innocent foundation guardians

spotlight: innocent foundation guardians


My name is Rhian and I work in the Marketing team at innocent and as a volunteer foundation guardian, I’m partnered with the University of Washington. This project is based in Sierra Leone and looks to build a conclusion on the best way to treat children with moderate acute malnutrition by giving therapeutic food to children who are deemed to be at high risk of their condition worsening. There are 34.5 million children who suffer from moderate acute malnutrition, and at the moment there’s no global consensus on how best to treat them.

This project is really new. Recruitment of children for the study began at the end of 2018, and we’ll see full results until 2020, but so far everything is on track.

We’ve been raising awareness of the project within Fruit Towers and working alongside the researchers to identify their skills gaps and how we can help – great news is that this will be one of our advertised foundation scholarship projects this year, which means a member of the innocent team might head out to Sierra Leone to help solve a business challenge.


My name is Ash and I work in the commercial team. I also volunteer to work as an innocent foundation guardian on the Ace Africa & Haller project, which is based across villages in Kenya.

Ace are experts in training & Haller are experts in the technical side of fish farming. Together they are helping villages across Kenya with something the local communities haven’t don’t before, sustainable fish farming, which will get more nutritional meals to hungry people and support the imbalance of damaged crops for vulnerable households living in the community.

I have been part of this project for 1 and half years and 3 big wins from the project are:

1.      Villages are harvesting more fish – 300% yield YoY

2.      The fish harvest increased from 68kg to 300kg

3.      Sustainably improved food security and nutrition amongst 320 vulnerable households.


You can read more about our guardians here.

Posted on June 11, 2019