we’ve joined a global coalition to stop children dying from hunger

we’ve joined a global coalition to stop children dying from hunger

one of our goals is to stop children dying from hunger

It is completely unacceptable that acute malnutrition kills five million children under the age of five every year. Although more than 70% of children treated are cured, only 1 in 5 children affected can access the treatment they need.

We’ve been working on this problem with our partners at Action Against Hunger since 2014 and proved that you can massively increase the number of children getting the treatment they need if you make it easy for parents to access care in their own communities. As a result, the government of Mali changed their national treatment policy. But we wanted to do more.

Coordinated action is the most effective way help, so we’ve joined the No Wasted Lives coalition. It’s a global movement of leading charities, agencies and donors which is accelerating the child survival revolution by working towards doubling the proportion of children globally receiving treatment for severe acute malnutrition by 2020.

One of No Wasted Lives’ top priorities is identifying areas where further research is desperately needed to find better ways of finding and treating the 50.5 million children with acute malnutrition. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve decided to fund four cutting edge research projects. We’re giving £1.1m to 11 international research institution working in five countries. You can find out more about these projects here.

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Posted by Liv on September 10, 2018