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funding criteria

Since we started in 2004, we’ve been working towards a world of #ZeroHunger. We want to help the poorest families to feed themselves and adapt to a changing climate, building resilience for now and for the future. We are looking for visionary people and organisations who are tackling hunger in simple, smart and sometimes radical ways, and in return, we will give them the funding they need to succeed. Together, we turn brave, bold ideas into real solutions that help the world's hungry.

What we’re looking for:  

  • An idea which addresses the root causes of hunger, helping the hungriest families in countries rated alarming or serious on the Global Hunger Index who are affected by climate change. 

  • An innovative idea or better way of delivering a proven idea to tackle hunger and strengthen resilience to climate change. Innovation with the potential to disrupt the status quo. 

  • An idea that has the potential to spread, from a small field pilot to a whole new country, region and beyond.  

  • A team of changemakers, gamechangers, visionaries, go-getters and innovators, underpinned by a sound organisational vision and strategy. 

  • Legally incorporated not-for-profits – you could be a charity, a community-based organisation, a social enterprise, or a university.  

What we offer: 

  • We normally fund between £30,000 - £50,000 per year for up to three yearsIn truly exceptional circumstances this could be as high as £150,000 

  • Our support is designed to take a risk on backing proof of concept (where you have limited evidence), test and transition (where we expect you to focus on evidence-gathering) or scale up (where there’s rigorous evidence and still serious room to grow). 

  • We’re happy to fund up to 100% of costs, but equally happy to co-fund. 

We are unlikely to fund, but may consider if you have a good reason why: 

  • Overhead costs that are over 10% - because our experience tells us this is the standard benchmark.

  • Work set in conflict zones or fragile states – because project delivery is likely to be impacted by security concerns, and we will find it difficult to visit the project. 

We won’t fund (so don’t ask): 

  • Core costs alone, but are happy to include these as overheads pro-rata to the project. 

  • The promotion of religious or political causes, general appeals or circulars, individual sponsorship, events or conferences. 

Applications close at 5pm (GMT) on Friday 22nd February 2019. 

To submit a concept note to usclick here.

If you want to understand a bit more about what we mean by our criteria, check out our supporting information.

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